Tuesday, February 21, 2012

love is...COFFEE.

ok, i hate that moment when my alarm screams at me to wake up. it's like someone sat there and thought of one of the worst moments of all time, added a sound to it, and made it an alarm clock. even if you have a nice jingle that wakes you up...or your favorite song. if it's being used to wake you up from a wonderful slumber...it's possibly the worst sound EVER. and did i mention that i am a morning person? really, i am.

however...once i get passed the screeching alarm clock, my mind starts to work and BAM i am in a good mood because being awake means i get to drink a cup [or 2] of coffee. i don't know how to describe my love affair with coffee. it basically gets me out of bed in the morning because i am so excited to drink it. 

i love the enticing smell 
i love the nutty and roasted taste
i love the process of making a pot of coffee
i love the warmth
i love the mugs i drink it out of. i collect mugs, did i tell you that?
i love having my hands wrapped around a warm cup when it's cold
i love how you can smell coffee all throughout the house
i love the creamy creamer i put in my coffee. hazelnut from coffeemate is my favie
i love how coffee can bring people together any time of day
i love COFFEE. all kinds.
a good ol' cup o coffee, lattes, cappucinos, americanos, iced coffee, espresso, i could go on for days...

i truly do have to say that one of the best parts of my day is waking up, moseying into the kitchen in my pj's, robe and slippers, opening up the coffee can [right now i am drinking fresh & easy's organic cinnamon blend...ohmygod. the smell is incredible], brewing the coffee [i pretty much stand there like a zombie watching the coffee brew], getting my cup all prepared, taking that really hot but amazingly delicious first sip, heading back to my room with a smile on my face, hopping back into my warm bed, turing on the TODAY SHOW, and having some one-on-one time with my coffee....and al roker. it's morning bliss. 

if you don't drink coffee, maybe don't start because then you are going to become highly addicted and maybe a tad bit obsessive..like me. but for those of you that DO drink coffee...i am sure there is something in this post that you agree with, if not all of it. coffee lovers, unite!

xo, lisa aka coffee obsessor

Thursday, February 16, 2012

love is...birthdays galore :)

oh how i love birthdays. what i love even more is that february is a month full of birthdays of some of the people I LOVE OH SO MUCH.

february 8th - happy 23rd to my wonderful [soon to be] sister-in-law!

even though we were 898 miles, 15 hours, 3 minutes and a 2 hour time difference away...i was still celebrating with you in spirit! you are an amazingly beautiful person and beyond perfect for my big brother. i have never ever in the 23 yrs that i have known my big bro, seen him as happy as he is now with you. i cannot wait to stand next to you at the altar on july 14th and be able to officially call you my sister. 23 is going to be a wonderful year for you and i cant wait to see what else is has in store :) i love you!

february 13th - happy 23rd to my sunshine, my only sunshine!

this is the 7th birthday i have had the pleasure of spending with you. since we were wee little 16 yr olds! how time flys. i love you more and more everyday and as each yr goes by, we are only growing stronger as a couple and i can't wait for a lifetime of february 13th birthdays with you! you deserve all the love and happiness and wishes on your special day because you are the cherry on top of so many peoples lives! im sorry your birthday was somewhat overshadowed with dealing with the accident but im pretty sure a night in with a homecooked dinner and oreo pie mayyyy have made up for it :) i adore you and i'm so lucky to have you in my life. even though no one likes you when you're 23...i still love you :)

all you wanted on your bday! a royals burger & donut. simple things in life <3
february 14th - happy 28th to the most beautiful [inside & out] girl in the world!

remember last yr when i called out of work and spent the day celebrating your birthday with amazing people on an incredible party bus wine tasting the day away? I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT! we had soooo much fun and what made it the best was that we were celebrating YOU; an amazing, gorgeous, thoughtful, caring, incredible woman. you have been such a positive part of my life for the past 6 years and i cannot imagine living life without you! i constantly look forward to our nights of endless conversation [a few bottles of wine...], laughter, gossip, and everything inbetween. happy birthday christy, i love you!

wine tasting for your 27th!

oh, did i mention my birthday is february 28th? such a busy but fun month!

xo, lisa

long time no see!

ahhh i can't believe i have not blogged in 16 days! so. much. has. been. going. on. i dont even know where to start because it's been so long! A little recap on the last 2 weeks:

1. it's sean, april, christy & my birthday month! usually february is a gloomy month but for us, its a month of celebration! :)
2. had a meeting with a family friend who gave me TONS of guidance as far as my career goes. thanks cassie!
3. found out FOR SURE we are going to McCall, idaho for my dads bday/easter to celebrate with michael and april! McCall is a resort town about 2 hrs from Boise...very excited!
4. we had an epic...and i mean epic...mammoth trip over the weekend with some amazing people! thanks to sean, kaila, taylor, keith, woodsy, kota bear, and anana for such a wonderful trip! 
5. so when i said epic, i wasnt kidding. we had an incredible time BUT on our last night, we got hit by a drunk driver :( we are all ok! minor injuries. we definitely had 4 amazing guardian angels that night. more to come about it!
6. got to spend valentines day with a group of valentines this year! it was so fun. 

ok so thats a RECAP... a trailer of the last 2 weeks, if you will...but the full length feature film is set to debut soon. until then, i found this cute quote the other day and i FULLY SUPPORT IT!

xo, lisa

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

wednesdays words of wisdom

you know those days where you find yourself asking questions like 

who am i?
what am i doing with my life?
where will i end up?
what makes me happy?
will i ever know what's "right"?
where am i supposed to be?
what does life have in store for me?
how will i get there?

after graduation, i found myself asking a lot of questions like those ones. i told myself just take life day by day and everything will happen the way it's supposed to. but i'm gonna be honest, i am a total worry wart. and i'm a planner. and i feel the need to control every single situation i am in. it's a flaw, i know and i want to work passed it. i tend to stress about the littlest things and what is the point in that? there is none! don't sweat the small stuff...sean always tells me. and he is right. 

for christmas, my parents got me this beautiful camera.

since then, i have been taking pictures of anything, everything and everyone. i have always loved photography but there was only so much i could do with my small digital camera so getting that beauty of a camera totally opened up my eyes to so much more that photography has to offer. it is the one thing in life that can capture a moment at its purest, most real state. and it's captured forever. pretty incredible, huh? 

you're probably wondering where the heck am i going with all this talk of life questions and photography but i swear it all comes together! i found this wonderful quote that really stuck with me and i want to share it with all of you. 

xo, lisa