Thursday, February 16, 2012

long time no see!

ahhh i can't believe i have not blogged in 16 days! so. much. has. been. going. on. i dont even know where to start because it's been so long! A little recap on the last 2 weeks:

1. it's sean, april, christy & my birthday month! usually february is a gloomy month but for us, its a month of celebration! :)
2. had a meeting with a family friend who gave me TONS of guidance as far as my career goes. thanks cassie!
3. found out FOR SURE we are going to McCall, idaho for my dads bday/easter to celebrate with michael and april! McCall is a resort town about 2 hrs from Boise...very excited!
4. we had an epic...and i mean epic...mammoth trip over the weekend with some amazing people! thanks to sean, kaila, taylor, keith, woodsy, kota bear, and anana for such a wonderful trip! 
5. so when i said epic, i wasnt kidding. we had an incredible time BUT on our last night, we got hit by a drunk driver :( we are all ok! minor injuries. we definitely had 4 amazing guardian angels that night. more to come about it!
6. got to spend valentines day with a group of valentines this year! it was so fun. 

ok so thats a RECAP... a trailer of the last 2 weeks, if you will...but the full length feature film is set to debut soon. until then, i found this cute quote the other day and i FULLY SUPPORT IT!

xo, lisa

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