Wednesday, February 1, 2012

wednesdays words of wisdom

you know those days where you find yourself asking questions like 

who am i?
what am i doing with my life?
where will i end up?
what makes me happy?
will i ever know what's "right"?
where am i supposed to be?
what does life have in store for me?
how will i get there?

after graduation, i found myself asking a lot of questions like those ones. i told myself just take life day by day and everything will happen the way it's supposed to. but i'm gonna be honest, i am a total worry wart. and i'm a planner. and i feel the need to control every single situation i am in. it's a flaw, i know and i want to work passed it. i tend to stress about the littlest things and what is the point in that? there is none! don't sweat the small stuff...sean always tells me. and he is right. 

for christmas, my parents got me this beautiful camera.

since then, i have been taking pictures of anything, everything and everyone. i have always loved photography but there was only so much i could do with my small digital camera so getting that beauty of a camera totally opened up my eyes to so much more that photography has to offer. it is the one thing in life that can capture a moment at its purest, most real state. and it's captured forever. pretty incredible, huh? 

you're probably wondering where the heck am i going with all this talk of life questions and photography but i swear it all comes together! i found this wonderful quote that really stuck with me and i want to share it with all of you. 

xo, lisa

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