Thursday, January 19, 2012

love is...the beginning of a new tradition! [top 3 thursday]

my friend and fellow blogger Liz and i have decided to start a weekly tradition on thursdays where we talk about the top 3 best and top 3 worst things that have happened in our week. i'm sure some weeks will be better than others and vice versa so this is a time for us to showcase some great moments and maybe some not so great, awkward moments. years from now we are going to look back at these and smile ear to hear about the best times and hopefully laugh until we cry about the not so good times. here goes nothing!

january 12, 2012 - january 18, 2012


1. on thursday, some of my bestest friends got together to go out and celebrate liz being home from school. she was leaving in just a few days so we wanted a night out in old towne orange. we went to the district and had an amazing time...maybe too amazing ;) night out with good friends? can't beat it.

2. sunday night, sean and i actually got to go on a date! just the 2 of us. it seems like that does not happen often enough these days. we went to the mexican restaurant, caliente, in dana point. the food was delicious, cheap and best of all...i got to be with my man. 

not the best picture but the only one i took that night. look at those nachos...yumm!

3. on monday, some of my italian family came over and my dad made this AMAZING lunch. like he always does. appetizers, pasta, salad, main course and then i made the dessert (remember the blueberry galette?) the house was full of wonderful smells, the murmur of italian/english, and family.



some other great moments were: 
getting the brazillian blowout and hair cut by the wonderful bri while hanging out with kaila girl, tacos & margaritas with christa, watching the movie 50/50 and getting to spend a great evening with wine & a homecooked meal with christy. :)


1. lizzy poop went back to indiana on sunday :( it was so great having her home and the next 16 weeks are going to fly by and she will be home for summer! always hard saying goodbye to loved ones.

high school graduation 2007.

2. i got this really great loose leaf tea strainer from teavana for christmas and i am OBSESSED with it and of course...i dropped it. and it shattered. everywhere. the day after i went and bought 2 amazing teas. but it's ok, i am planning on going to buy another one very soon! unless someone wants to buy it for me! hehe. but i miss my tea :(

3. so remember that wonderful date that sean and i went on? well...sean may have gotten food poisoning from our beloved caliente. he woke up the next morning feeling so sick to his stomach. poor guy. we was able to sleep some of it off and we relaxed and watched 50/50 (incredible movie btw). 

suffering through this hot ginger drink i forced him to have because it helps with nausea! and jakey boy by his side :)

so that concludes the best and worst of my week! so thankful for all the wonderful things in my life and happy that i can express some not so good times while still smiling

xo, lisa


  1. just want to say i love your blog and i creep every time you post hehe;)

  2. hahaha i love you b. thank you!

  3. i cant believe you dropped it Lisa!!!! But I love this! This new tradition of our is starting off quite well :)