Thursday, March 29, 2012

the accident

so this is a post i have been meaning to write for over a month now. 

on february 12th, while on an amazing vacation in mammoth, we (sean, kaila, taylor & i) were hit by a drunk driver at 3am-ish. 

earlier that day, we had an amazing time sledding our lil hearts out and completely enjoying ourselves, each other, and our surroundings. we kept on saying how it was such a great day and nothing could get much better. that night, we went out to some bars with our friend ian and then to his friends house in a neighborhood close to taylor's dads house. it had snowed that day so the town was beautifully blanketed by a fresh snowfall. 

on our way back to taylor's dads house, we slid out on some ice and watched as a car quickly approached us. we knew instantly that he wasnt going to stop, or go around us (even though he had PLENTY of room -- 13 ft to be exact). knowing that he was going to hit good ol' gloria (my car!), we braced for impact. sean and i were sitting in the back of the car while kaila and taylor were in the front. even though it felt like slow motion, it all happened so fast. when he hit us, the impact caused me to hit the window and shatter the glass leaving me with a very bloody face, glass stuck in my nose, and cuts on my face. kaila had a deep gash on her finger from the broken glass. thankfully, the boys were ok. we wouldn't discover until later how bad our whiplash was.

as soon as we evaluated that everyone was "ok", taylor got out of the car to approach the other driver. boy, was he obnoxious. as taylor tried to calm him down, kaila got out of the car to talk with him as well. unfortunately, the guy was too hard to talk to and was acting ridiculous. we decided to just sit in the car and wait for police to deal with him. 

the police & fire department came and evaluated the scene. after about an hr, they took the other driver into the police station to properly test him for alcohol use and low and behold, he was definitely under the influence...not only of alcohol, but also of ambien which is a sleep aid. 

as for gloria, the tow truck company towed her back to the house and gave us the okay to drive her home the next day just as long as we took her into the shop immediately. 

it has been about a month and a half since the accident and we are still no where close to being done with this case. i am not expected to have gloria back for about another 2 weeks (at least) and taylor, kaila and i are still visiting the chiropractor multiple times a week. we have put it all into a lawyers hands and now just have to ride out the rest of this case! 

all i can say is that there was definitely multiple guardian angels watching over us that night. this situation could have been SO much worse and we are so incredibly lucky and thankful for our health and for each other. as for the driver, i really hope this has taught him a serious lesson and he does not ever drink and drive again because in my opinion, he got off so easy. a DUI, a night in jail, and an increased insurance rate is nothing compared to what could have happened...and we all know what that is.

hours before the accident having a great time! :)

good ol' gloria! she is such a trooper
anyways, i just wanted to give you all a semi-brief description of what happened! 

xo, lisa

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