Saturday, March 17, 2012

love is...the luck of the irish!

HAPPY ST PATTIES DAY EVERYONE! today is a day of luck, 4 leaf clovers, rainbows, leprechauns, green & some more green, cornbeef & cabbage, and maybe a little beer...ok, A LOT of beer! Guinness especially :) 

so in spite of this fun holiday, i thought i would get in touch with my irish roots (1/4 irish baby! & i have red hair so that pretty much makes me irish regardless) and mention a few things i'm feelin lucky for.

lucky to be in love
lucky to have an incredible family
lucky to have hilarious & wonderful friends
lucky that i have good health (even though salmonella is currently in my could be way worse!)
lucky to have a job
78601955966495050.jpglucky to live somewhere beautiful
lucky to have my cute pups
overall, im just feelin very lucky and blessed. thanks st patties for helpin me count my blessings!

st patties is about fun. at least in my book! this time last year, i was at school during the day and then work and then went out last minute to some of the bars in the neighborhood with sean, ian, and gabby. we had a blast!!! this year, i know i will have another great st patties spent with great friends!


have a wonderful day everyone! have fun and most importantly, BE SAFE!!!!!!!!!! 

xo, your (1/4) irish friend

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