Friday, March 23, 2012

what a week! and it's only thursday...

wowza! i have been non stop since 6am monday morning! like i mentioned in my previous post [look mom! i'm a big girl], i started an internship this week. it has been amazing so far! i am definitely learning a lot about the event and entertainment business. the people i work with are so great and i cannot wait to learn more and more! however, there are a few things i need to get used to.

waking up at 630am every morning [i don't really mind it, actually!]

having to get ready in the morning. like REALLY ready. i'm not talking throwing my hair up and finding a clean pair of jeans kind of i did in college. i mean like straightening my hair, putting on makeup, and finding the perfect pair of heels to match my outfit kind of ready. 

the drive. OH THE DRIVE. there and back. on average, i am on the road 4 hrs a day. 2 there, 2 back. i might as well be driving to vegas...who's in?! but seriously, the drive is rough. 

sitting at a desk and browsing my computer. i don't mind it, i'm just not used to it because all my other jobs have required me to be up and walking around...but i'm sure i will get used to it!

having to juggle the internship and my part time jobs. it's a lot, but gotta do what you gotta do! 

overall, i am very excited and anxious to continue on with the internship and learn more and more. i know once my new schedule kicks in with my part time jobs, i will be much happier because i'll actually have days off!!!!!! yay! took a break today and made a DELICIOUS brunch at the house with my honey. we made a frittata with mushrooms, green onion, turkey, tomatoes and feta, pumpkin and pecan waffles, sliced strawberries, orange juice and coffee! it was such a pretty day out so we decided to make a makeshift table and sat outside to soak up some sunshine. it really was a wonderful afternoon with a wonderful person :) 

you know you're jealous

lesson i learned today: appreciate the time you have with loved ones because life can get so busy sometimes, it's hard to find a day, hour, minute or second to be with the ones you love but when that time presents itself...take full advantage!!!

xo, lisa

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