Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love is...a lovely rainy day

"we should find a place where we can have lunch, listen to the rain, and play a game. Maybe a place with a couch so we can sip hot drinks."

"Oh, like cappuccinos!"

"Yes! Can you think of a place like that?"

So to Sean's request, I began to think of a place where we could get a great lunch and enjoy the rainy day together. One place came to mind...Koffee Klatch in laguna beach.

I was introduced to Koffee Klatch a few months ago by my wonderful coffee drinking friends, Kaila and Taylor. Or Taila and Kaylor. It's an adorable and incredibly homey "koffee" house in the middle of laguna beach where you can sit and play games (our game of choice is scrabble!) sip delicious coffee (my favey is their dirty chai) catch up with friends, and enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert.

chicken salad sandwich
Sean and I made our way to rainy laguna beach and you thought the beach was beautiful when it's sunny? It's also incredibly beautiful when it's raining. Sean ordered the Greek pita and 1. It was huge and 2. It was delicious and fresh tasting. I ordered the chicken salad sandwich on a croissant with a garden salad and that was also incredibly huge and delicious! In all honesty, we should have shared but if you know us at know how much we LOVE to eat. We also sipped on a Mayan mocha and a dirty chai. Yummy :)

As we enjoyed our lunch, we played a game of scrabble. Ok, going into it I totally thought that I had that game in the bag because I play on the reg but Sean definitely surprised me! Except for when he tried to spell "awful" like "aful" (sorry babe, you're never living that one down!)

Sean and I were neck & neck the entire game but i was confident because I had gotten some big words towards the end such as AX for 29 big ones! But, then the time came for Sean to reveal the big winner...HE FREAKING BEAT ME! I was in such disbelief that he beat me by 8 stinking points, I accidentally spit water out on the the board. Little does he know, I let him win ;) ok...mayyyybe he won fair and square. But he doesn't have to know that. Rematch soon?

We sat at Koffee Klatch for about 3 hrs completely enjoying eachothers company. I cannot think of any other place I would rather have been.

xo, lisa

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