Thursday, January 26, 2012

top 3 thursday

so to be honest, this week was a pretty amazing week. i had a really tough time thinking of my "worst" top 3 but thats a good thing!

january 19, 2012 - january 26, 2012


1. on saturday night, sean and i went to a wine tasting drinking party at his dads friends house. there were tons of incredible appetizers and delicious wine mostly from paso robles. we mainly sipped on red wines such as syrah and zinfandel (sooo good with dark chocolate! thanks laurie!) and then laurie gave christa (sean's sister) the opportunity to choose ANY WINE SHE WANTED from the cabinet. ok, first off...if you know christa at all, she is like the girl to go to about wines so of course she chose an incredible, expensive and rare bottle of red wine called isosceles. she was like a kid in a candy store! it was such a fun night with family, friends, good food, wine and conversation. thank you again to laurie and ray for hosting such a wonderful evening. 

christa's wine of choice
2. so atleast once a month, sean and i have made a plan to go on a double date with kaila and taylor. last month, sean and i planned our date so this month was their turn. WOW they totally outdid themselves! they planned for us to go to temecula for the day for wine tasting. we hopped in taylors car and made our way through ortega hwy (almost got sick, but thats ok!) and found ourselves at south coast winery first. this is a beautiful winery with so many amazing wines. we had the best time there! 5 tastings turned more into about 10 because of the awesome guy we had. from there, we went to wilson creek winery to enjoy the picnic lunch sean and i made. we ended at thorton winery where we sat by the fireplace and enjoyed maybe a little too much wine! hehe. we got back to laguna beach and went straight for koffee klatch where we just sat, talked, and drank our coffee :) we decided to then head down to the montage and sat by the firepit while listening to the soft sound of crashing waves behind us. and last but not least, the boys grabbed 2 guitars and basically serenaded us girls in a parking structure. how does a day get any better? be jealous. thank you again for such a wonderful day. don't know how sean and i are going to top it next month!

3. wednesday was a great day in general. i got to go to dinner with 2 of my closest friends, christy and chelsea. our "dinners" always turn into about 30 min of eating and 3 1/2 hours of talking our heads off! i swear, if we didnt have a watch, we would sit there for days thinking only 2 hrs have passed. and also, wednesday was my great friend ANGELA'S 23RD BIRTHDAY!!!! happy birthday to a wonderful and beyond beautiful friend. i am so glad i got to spend it with you and i am so excited for this year to come! bridal shower, bachelorette weekend, YOUR WEDDING DAY and everything in between. love ya girly!

me, christy & chels. xoxo

 happy birthday ang :)


1. ok so on monday, sunny orange county turned into rainy orange county and it made me so happy! this entire winter season has definitely felt more like summer than winter in any sense so to see some gray clouds and hear the raindrops felt great. but it ONLY lasted a day. and now it's hot hot hot. trust me, i know people all over the world would kill for this weather but i just wish the rain stuck around a little longer. my pea coats and scarves are starting to collect dust bunnies!

2. this week i drank a lot of wine so therefore, i have been extremely dehydrated! i can feel it in my skin (its all puffy!), my lips are chapped, my throat is dry and overall i just feel a tad bit unhealthy. i have been trying to consume as much water as possible but it still isn't enough so i guess i just gotta keep trying!

3. i miss my puppies :( even though i go home every week, time with them is never enough. you don't know this feeling until you have had a dog(s) that you care so much about. its so hard to be without them everyday! i miss the tail wags when i walk in the door, wet kisses, cuddling, them waking me up, and just their overall happiness about life and the joy they bring to mine. i know, i sound like a crazy dog lady but how can you resist these faces?!

until next week!

xo, lisa

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