Sunday, January 22, 2012

love is...another weekly tradition! [what i made monday]

so in effort to give my blog a mini routine, i have decided to dedicate yet another day to something specific. in addition to top 3 thursday, i will also be doing 'what i made monday'! on mondays, i will post something i made during the previous week. it can be anything from a craft, a recipe, or making someone smile. i am doing this in effort to keep my creativity flowing because making something is so rewarding. 
at least to me :) hope you enjoy!

january 16, 2012 - january 23, 2012

i am not sure if many of you know this, but at the end of december i got a second job at the cutest coffee house in the orange circle about a block away from my house. it is called "the chapman coffee house" and it has been such an amazing place to work. i am an early riser anyways so i absolutely love working the opening shift around 630-7am where i can wake up with the sun, listen to music in the peaceful shop, brew incredible coffee, and start peoples morning off right. we have so many regulars that i have gotten to know very well within the past month and we chat about school, their kids, grandkids, work and life in general. i never thought i would have the opportunity to work in a coffee house even though it always interested me and i am so glad i get to experience this work environment. plus, i get to drink coffee all day and that had me sold! if you ever find yourself in old towne orange, please stop by and see me. i will try to whip you up something special!

anywho--we accidentally purchased coconut milk instead of almond milk at the coffee house and obviously we did not want to waste it so i took this opportunity to make myself a coconut milk latte with 3 shots of espresso. YUMMMY! i am not a huge fan of overly sweet coffee so this was perfect without any added sugar because the coconut milk had just enough sweetness. i normally prefer soy milk lattes but this was a really nice change. i am trying to get the owners to add coconut milk to the store so we can offer our guests a little more variety and also to accommodate dietary needs. 

in case you happen to have an espresso maker with a latte wand at home, the recipe for a 16 oz. serving is:

10 oz. original coconut milk (i used silk pure coconut)
3 1 oz. shots of espresso (we use diedrichs 'weiner [pronounced VE-ner...get your mind out of the gutter!] menage bold roast)

i bet there are some coffee houses that have coconut milk now so give it a shot if you dare to stray away from your normal mocha choca double shot non-fat with whip latte ;)

xo, lisa

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